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320 Loads of Laundry

3 Months of Body Wash

3 Months of All Purpose Cleaner

3 Months of Dish Detergent

Why Our Products?

Compare to Tide, Gain, Fabuloso, Pine Sol, Downy, Arm & Hammer Free and Clear, Dawn and Dove

Our products are top quality but at affordable costs

Our High-efficiency (HE) laundry detergent is a specially formulated solution for washing clothes in high-efficiency washers that use a low amount of water.

We service wholesale buyers such as factories, hospitals, daycare centers, laundry mats, schools, and more as well as to individuals and families.

Most wholesale sized products are 1 and a half gallons, but ours are twice that volume.

We offer two fundraising opportunities: Bubbles for Cash and Books for Tots.

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